For the past couple of months, I’ve been steadily working on a new project. Similarly to AE2, I’m yet again exploring the invisible links and mechanisms below our threshold of perception. I’ve written a separate article sharing my thoughts on the different orders of system perception, and those (somewhat philosophical) musings are forming the basis of this project.


Only a handful of companies today are wielding the majority of online user data. They observe us in many ways, and use the knowledge gained by observation to infer more facts about us, some of which we don’t even know ourselves. Our mutual “data relationship” is wildly asymmetrical – their observation and subsequent perception of us is multi-dimensional, since perception is their business. And yet, our own perception is limited to the thin layer of UX/UI candy being presented to us.

It is my intention to paint a gaze back at them – an attempt at visualising the different orders of perception one would create if one were to turn the data gathering tools and lenses towards these massive algorithmic mechanisms Note that I won’t be doing anything illegal. I tend to think of it as “data tourism” – strolling through the net, snapping photos as I go. .

I won’t reveal too much, since a usual process piece will follow once the project is completed. I’ll be posting more work-in-progress shots from now on.

The codename is BRU-14, but I like calling it “Adoration of the Magi”. There are many similarities, except that in this case God’s name starts with “A”.