Vladimir Mitrović

Data – a relatively recent human abstraction – is traditionally visualized using precise but low-bandwidth statistical/geometric instruments. Ironically, the human visual system has evolved to take in and interpret an enormous amount of information many times per second, leaving its massivelly parallel information processing capacity largely unused by these simplistic presentation methods. On top of this, any attempt of systemic perception is inherently warped by the many layers through which the data is being interpreted, further distorting the presentation. Under so many levels of indirection and quasi-perception, both accuracy and precision become diluted.

My work embraces these limitations and intentionally approaches visualization in a more innate and sensory-driven fashion – higher bandwidth, lower precision. Here you'll find accurate but wildly imprecise data representations, liberal use of color and form, and blatant disregard for traditional reductionist techniques. It is time to push our visualization tools out of the figurative into the abstract.


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